Monday, May 6, 2013

Teenage Boys are Douche Bags (at least in my school)

So I've decided this is a little rant post. And now, I'm not saying every teenage boy is a douche, I'm just saying the ones in my school are. I live in a small town. Everyone knows everyone. A lot of the times, you know too much about someone. Others boys from other towns, celebrity men (I'm looking at you, men cast in the Avengers), celebrity boy teenagers (I'm looking at you, male boys in the Hunger Games) those boys I like. When you know so much about people in your town, and you see them everyday, and their greatest amusement is pickups, you can see my dilemma.

It also is one of my greastest pet peeves when the boys make fun of the girls. ALL. THE. TIME. They bring us down, and such. One day I hope someone puts them in their place. Now the teachers, they take our side, and the boys ALWAYS get in trouble, and it's actually really hilarious to see karma in work. Today, I swear, I was fuming, because the boys just keep teasing us all! Some people say, oh, that's their way of flirting. I'm sure. *insert sarcastic voice* Others (the boys) say we take the comments way to seriously. Yeah right, how would you like to be called Cheez it every day? (Not me, some girl in my class gets called that for her tan) Or when the boys swear at us. Yeah, cause cussing always helps. *rolls eyes* And then they laugh their annoying laughs and go about their day, with us girls ready to punch a wall. Ugh, this is why I am never going to be with a boy from my town. And the worst part is they think they do nothing wrong! One day I will scream at them! (Sometimes I do, well not scream, but you know, argue with them)

I hope not all boys are like this!

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