Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catch-Up Day

Do any of you ever feel overwhelmed with homework? I'm feeling that this year. I have so much homework, it's a wonder I'm keeping up. Barely, though. I have 3 books to read for English. I have 2 math assignments. I also just did my Spanish homework. I'm writing an outline for my informative speech. I have U.S. History. AND I have to outline a chapter for advanced biology and finish a worksheet. You could say I'm a little busy.

All this couldn't have come at a better week *sarcastic.* This week is homecoming week, it's stupid though, because we have Monday off, and our parade is a couple days before the actual game. It's really messed up. I blame it on our principal. He sucks at his job. Honestly though, I don't think anyone is in the homecoming spirit this week. I think everyone just wants it to be done. It's sad.

I'm staying positive. I'm glad I have an extra day to get my homework done. I'm calling it, "Catch-Up Day." It's the day I created for homecoming week because we don't have school tomorrow. I stay home and get caught up on homework. It really puts you in the spirit of homecoming week, doesn't it? I'm also writing a play during this time, watching some Netflix to get caught up on shows for the news seasons starting soon, and selling stuff for my class and a bunch of other organizations. (If anyone wants anything, I'm going to be selling something this whole year. That's how busy I am.)

At least the first 9 weeks are almost up. 27 more weeks to go until summer.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Movies I Saw This Weekend Part 4

Well, actually it was over the past three weekends. I didn't watch any new movies this weekend though, just Epic.


First on August 25th, (that week was my birthday week! I turned 16! Woop! Sweet 16! :D) I went and saw We're the Millers with my family! It was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. I know I say that about most movies, but it's always true.

I really loved when they were arguing on the plane, and then the flight attendant came to the back and they started a prayer circle. I've never laughed harder! It was soooo funny! I also liked the weed baby, Lebron. Especially when the car runs it over and the one mom yells, "WHERE'S THE BLOOD??" LOL.

Gosh, you gotta love Kenny. He's so adorkable!
The next movie I saw the next weekend, since it's wasn't out on my birthday weekend, was 1D: This Is Us! I love One Direction with a passion, so of course I thought it was amazing! They are so cute and funny! I never knew how funny until the movie! I think my favorite line was when Harry was caught on a fishing line and said, "My a** is on the line!"
I also really loved when security had to corner the boys or catch them because they would run off! Or when Harry found his Belgian self! Or when Niall proved we are the best fans! OR when Harry was in the trash can! OR OR when Niall dressed up as one of security guys at the concert and told people the band sucked! LOL. It is just amazing how down to Earth they are after all their fame.

One Direction could save me any day :)

Finally, last but not least, I saw Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Which went along way more with the book than the first one. It was awesome. I loved it. It really did the book justice. And it helps when a cutie such as Logan Lerman is playing Percy :)

My favorite part I think was when they were fighting that bull, and Percy totally took it out all by himself. Pretty dang cool.

Look at how adorable he is! :)

 Hope you all have seen some good movies lately!