Saturday, June 22, 2013

Movies I Saw This Weekend Part 3

I saw some pretty awesome movies this weekend :) You all have to go see them!

First, yesterday I saw Monsters University. I have to say though, Monsters Inc. is better! I did like it, though! It was really cute to see the back stories of how all the monsters got to where they were in Monsters Inc.!
It was adorable! I mean look at how cute kid Mike is! The story was so cute and inspirational! Randall was probably my favorite back story to see! I also liked seeing George and Roz :)
Mike's story on how he became who he was was really like serious for a Pixar movie! But it was cool to see!
Today I saw World War Z! (We saw all these movies this weekend because it was for my sister's birthday and my parents' anniversary! Happy birthday and anniversary you family! Love you guys! :) We stayed overnight in a hotel and celebrated! Movies were their gifts in a way.)
That movie was wicked awesome! It was intense and I loved every second of it! I've never seen anything like it! And the zombies were like crazy fast! In any zombie movie I've seen, zombies are like really slow and only run semi-fast after people. But even then it's like with a limp. These zombies were sprinting and running over each other and climbing each other. It was amazing!
I mean look at them! They're crazy!
The way they solved the zombie problem in the end was a plot twist! It was a good one, though! I won't reveal everything, but go see it!
I also had a sleepover this week, which was awesome! We watched Warm Bodies, Identity Thief and Avengers!
I love movies, as you can obviously tell!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Question of the Week

So I work at my town's newspaper, and usually I just make ads and do random little jobs and stuff, but I get to do something else now! I'm writing like a sort of column every week, called "Question of the Week."

Here's how it goes:
1) I choose a different question each week.
2) I ask a bunch of different people the same question.
3) I take six of those answers and put them in my template I made.
4) I put their pictures in their too.

Last week it was on the front page in color! That's awesome for my first time doing it! I'm also going to write a few articles once in a while maybe!

Isn't that awesome?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weirdest Week of My Life!

This has been the weirdest week of my life. And it's not even over yet.

On Monday I got up early for work as usual. I was getting ready to get in the shower when all of a sudden I felt dizzy, and had black spots in my vision. I felt like I was going to puke and that my head was on fire. Then I got really dizzy and fell. I hit my head on something, I'm still not sure what. It really hurt. It still hurts today. My mom came and I told her to turn off the water because I had just turned it on before this. Then I grabbed my towels and went to lay down. I tried to take a shower again, and the same thing happened! But I caught it before I fell. Then the third time I tried I was fine! It's like people always say, the third time's the charm. The rest of the day I was fine so it was really, really weird.

Tuesday was normal. But Wednesday was weird.

Yesterday I had to get shots. And I HATE shots. With a passion. So I had a fit that morning that I had to take them. Shots are like my kryptonite. I hate needles and shots make my arms hurt afterwards. So my mom told me to take an anti-anxiety pill. So I took one. It's supposed to make you a little loopy. And oh boy did it take affect. First, I got tired and denied that the pill didn't work. Then I would laugh uncontrollably at nothing. I would say this pill didn't work and I was fine and then I would laugh. And I mean DIE laughing. It was so weird. Then I went to brush my teeth with my mom, and I just leaned against the wall and said I was going to pass out and then I sat on the floor. Then my dad called. My mom said I was close to telling people I love them, and I said I will not say that to people that I do not love! I fought with my mom to talk to him. Finally she let me have the phone and I said to him, "I am nothing what they say I am! I am fine! There are no side effects, this pill didn't work!" Then my mom took my phone and I yelled at my dad through the phone, "goodbye! These are my final moments!"

Then I tried to brush my teeth and I sat on the edge of the bathtub and sang What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction because I have one of those singing toothbrushes.

When we were driving to get my shots, I thought I saw Macklemore. (the guy wasn't, but he did look like him) So I yelled at my car window, "Hey Macklemore!" Then I burst into a giggle fit. Then we got downtown to where I was getting my shots and I was giggling as I went in and told the nurses I took an anti-anxiety pill. Then I got tense for my shots and sort of freaked out a little, but I lived. Then the nurses (who are my mom's friends) started talking to my mom about how this blue painting with just a white line down the middle sold for $43 million dollars. I said that I could make two of those paintings right then and make $86 million dollars. Then I said that painting looked like the flag of Sweden, and I said I would rather paint the British flag. They laughed at how I could still do math after this pill and then I said I should just take the ACTs now.

As we were leaving, I saw some senior citizens getting out of a bus going into a movie theater. I asked my mom what movie they were seeing, and she said they were seeing The Odd Life of Timothy Green (she asked or something like that) And I started crying because I said the movie this weekend is Star Trek Into Darkness! They shouldn't have to see Timothy Green when Star Trek is here! And then I cried about it for five minutes.

Then we went to Cenex to get some food. And I love the sandwiches they make. So I whispered to my mom as she was ordering, "I don't want to be creepy, but can you tell lady making them that I love the sandwiches?" She laughed and was like no, I can't just tell her that! And then I said if you don't she might spit in your food one day and if you do tell her then she'll never ever spit in your food. My sister then showed me this candy called Nips, which I then laughed at for 5 minutes.

We then went to see my dad and I had started crying about the senior citizens again. He just laughed at me. The pill then wore off about 4 hours after I had first taken it.

Moral of this story: Don't do drugs kids :)

Monday, June 3, 2013


Well, nothing new has really happened lately. I've just been working, and watching episodes of Lost on Netflix. That show is really good. You all should watch it.

Anyways, I'm trying to make my blog more exciting with gadgets. I'm not sure what to use. If any of viewers has a gadget on their blog that is so awesome that you think it is worth sharing, comment! I'd like some input from other bloggers.

I should have some more exciting stuff to post later. . . . . Maybe if I start on that bucket list. . . . .