Saturday, June 22, 2013

Movies I Saw This Weekend Part 3

I saw some pretty awesome movies this weekend :) You all have to go see them!

First, yesterday I saw Monsters University. I have to say though, Monsters Inc. is better! I did like it, though! It was really cute to see the back stories of how all the monsters got to where they were in Monsters Inc.!
It was adorable! I mean look at how cute kid Mike is! The story was so cute and inspirational! Randall was probably my favorite back story to see! I also liked seeing George and Roz :)
Mike's story on how he became who he was was really like serious for a Pixar movie! But it was cool to see!
Today I saw World War Z! (We saw all these movies this weekend because it was for my sister's birthday and my parents' anniversary! Happy birthday and anniversary you family! Love you guys! :) We stayed overnight in a hotel and celebrated! Movies were their gifts in a way.)
That movie was wicked awesome! It was intense and I loved every second of it! I've never seen anything like it! And the zombies were like crazy fast! In any zombie movie I've seen, zombies are like really slow and only run semi-fast after people. But even then it's like with a limp. These zombies were sprinting and running over each other and climbing each other. It was amazing!
I mean look at them! They're crazy!
The way they solved the zombie problem in the end was a plot twist! It was a good one, though! I won't reveal everything, but go see it!
I also had a sleepover this week, which was awesome! We watched Warm Bodies, Identity Thief and Avengers!
I love movies, as you can obviously tell!

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