Friday, July 5, 2013

America, Band, Cousins, Drama, and Everyday Fireworks

Hey! I know, I know, I haven't been posting in a while. But there is a perfectly good reason as to why. Really, there is.

First, I was at camp for the week. I go to this week-long camp every year. It's the best place on Earth. I have so many good friends there. And it has nice showers and toilets and beds and air conditioning. It's a camp for like creative, awesome, nerdy, geeky people. And those are the best kinds of people. Everyone cares about each other, and we are all accepted, no matter the race, sexuality, personality, or fandom. We are all nice to each other because we all know what it is like to be rejected. Except some of the band camp people. Band camp people are a little stuck up and cocky. Yes, it's a band camp. But I don't go for band. I go for drama. And that's the best program. I'm not gonna lie. And I had an awesome roommate, that I had known from past years. It's always the best week of my year.

Then, secondly, it was the Fourth of July. Come on, who doesn't take a holiday to light off a few fireworks. We went down to see some family that I hadn't seen for a few years. We went to a parade. My dad saved an old lady. (he does that a lot, but that's another story for a later blog post) He's like Superman for old ladies. Anyways, had a picnic, played some bingo, and blew up some fireworks. Watched the neighbors light 4,000 rounds of firecrackers. I'm serious. It was crazy loud. We set off our own fireworks at home. We had AWESOME fireworks this year. I'm talking the big ones, that only adults should light, unless you are raised by rednecks, then you can light those fireworks when you are ten. (that's not me, just people in my town) I love fireworks :) I love the ones that are bright and colorful. I hate the flashing ones. Fireworks are like America's pastime in a way.

Thirdly, COUSINS. I saw a few cousins I haven't seen in a couple years. You can't expect me to write a blog post while I'm playing with my cute little cousin. I'm not magic. (I really wish I was cause that would mean I could go to Hogwarts!)  He was so adorable. And he loves superheroes, just like me! He even borrowed my Captain America hat and shield and Thor hammer. Yes, I'm a teenage girl with superhero items. I'm not ashamed.

Fourthly and finally, I'm sick. I have a sore throat and a mucusy cough, yuck! My voice is really, really hoarse. I sound terrible. I also have a runny nose, which doesn't help. I hope I get better soon.

This post has been brought to you by the part of my mind called Excuses.

PS: Did you notice the post's name goes in alphabetical order? I did it on purpose. (just don't count and! :))

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