Monday, July 29, 2013

Update My Closet

I did another thing on my bucket list a while ago, I just haven't posted it. I updated my closet!! :D :D

It was like a couple days after my family and I got back from my grandmas a few weeks ago. I had forgotten my suitcase and needed brand new clothes. So my mom and sister went on a little shopping spree, which ended with me getting some better clothes than I had packed. (not that the stuff in my suitcase wasn't cute, it's just I got some nice new stuff too.) My closet was already full to the brim when I got back, so the new clothes wouldn't fit, I could already tell. So I emptied it all out, got rid of some stuff, and then put all the clothes back in, in an organized system. Sweatshirts--Long-sleeved--half-shirts--shirts--tank tops--dressy clothes. On the bottom rack:  Summer pants(shorts, capris)--dressy pants--jeans--workout/sweats. I got it all in a system now. Sort of a boring story, but it gives people good organization tips :)

I hope to finish more on this bucket list before school starts in a couple of weeks! Registration is already planned! D:

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