Sunday, July 28, 2013

State Fair

Our State Fair came around this week, and my family goes for one day every year. We don't go on rides or anything, because we do that at a different fair, but instead we just eat and look at exhibits and eat. Mostly eat.

I had a media pass to get in free, which is pretty dang awesome. I was all like cool showing my badge, and them like, you can go in for free!

Well, when we got there I ate cheese curds. Those things are DELICIOUS. Especially dipped in ranch. Oh, I love them sooooo much. Then I shared a strawberry-banana smoothie with my dad, since I knew I wouldn't be able to eat one on my own.

Then we went to the exhibit hall where the art and writing we entered was displayed. I got two blue ribbons (1st place) and one red ribbon (2nd place) for my pieces of art! AHHH! That's amazing for me! My art has never gotten anything besides honorable mention in art I think. Then I saw my story, and it got THIRD in like the adult division! (everyone above 14 is in that division.) THAT IS AWESOME! I AM SO GLAD I WORKED SO HARD!!!!! Last year I had an honorable mention, which is still good since not everyone gets a ribbon in writing, unlike art.

Next we went to this like wildlife exhibit, and we shot guns and my sister also fished and shot a bow and arrow. Let me tell, you, I have won bb gun shoots against boys, so I was a pretty good shot. I'm pretty good, not to toot my own horn or anything. (toot toot) Anyways, part I thought was funny was that I was wearing a Bambi shirt while shooting the gun. Well, it's a little awkward I think.

We went around to some exhibit halls that sold stuff. My dad and I bought some sour candy, while my mom and sister bought some nail art stuff.

I tried a flowering onion. It was really good! And I DIPPED IT IN RANCH. RANCH MAKES EVERYTHING 10X BETTER, I'M SURE ITS A SCIENTIFIC FACT. My family decided we would share stuff when we are eating, cause no way can I eat a flowering onion on my own. Have you seen them? They're huge! I also had some chocolate dipped strawberries on a stick. Can't go wrong with those. I had an Indian taco for dinner. It's fried bread dough with taco meat, lettuce, cheese, ya know, regular taco stuff, but no shell. They are extraordinary. Try one. Then you'll believe me. Funnel cake was dessert. Yummy. Pretty sure I tried like everything they had to offer. *sarcasm, but it felt like I ate everything*

We left the fair by walking through the midway, and it smelled like puke. I can't imagine how many kids puke on those rides. Yuck.

Good day overall.
It's always a great day when you eat fried fair food.

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