Sunday, September 29, 2013

Catch-Up Day

Do any of you ever feel overwhelmed with homework? I'm feeling that this year. I have so much homework, it's a wonder I'm keeping up. Barely, though. I have 3 books to read for English. I have 2 math assignments. I also just did my Spanish homework. I'm writing an outline for my informative speech. I have U.S. History. AND I have to outline a chapter for advanced biology and finish a worksheet. You could say I'm a little busy.

All this couldn't have come at a better week *sarcastic.* This week is homecoming week, it's stupid though, because we have Monday off, and our parade is a couple days before the actual game. It's really messed up. I blame it on our principal. He sucks at his job. Honestly though, I don't think anyone is in the homecoming spirit this week. I think everyone just wants it to be done. It's sad.

I'm staying positive. I'm glad I have an extra day to get my homework done. I'm calling it, "Catch-Up Day." It's the day I created for homecoming week because we don't have school tomorrow. I stay home and get caught up on homework. It really puts you in the spirit of homecoming week, doesn't it? I'm also writing a play during this time, watching some Netflix to get caught up on shows for the news seasons starting soon, and selling stuff for my class and a bunch of other organizations. (If anyone wants anything, I'm going to be selling something this whole year. That's how busy I am.)

At least the first 9 weeks are almost up. 27 more weeks to go until summer.

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