Sunday, May 26, 2013

Movies I Saw This Weekend Part 2

I saw a BUNCH of movies this weekend. I saw Epic, Safe Haven, and Beautiful Creatures.

First, I saw Epic. And it was EPIC. It was such a cute movie that had my feels going like crazy. Josh Hutcherson is absolutely perfect in any role he is in. Nod was adorable. That kiss between him and MK in the end was super cute. But I totally shipped Queen Tara and Ronin! Their relationship was so lovable. And when Tara died I was just like NOOOO! And Ronin smiling when she came back for a second... so cute! You could tell that they were made for each other. Go see it! You won't regret it!
Then Safe Haven. It's that movie based off the book by Nicholas Sparks. I wasn't really expecting much from it but it was actually awesome. That ending where Katie's friend was Alex's dead wife watching over her family made my heart ache! It was amazing! Cobie Smulders is a fantastic actress. She and her story line were my favorite part of the movie.
And finally, Beautiful Creatures. I read the book first and it was really good. I do think the book was better than the movie, but I like the movie too. Here's why:

Ethan was an adorable in a dorkish way, and I liked that. And he said some pretty funny things, which made me like him even more! And Lena was like a powerhouse caster! She erased Ethan's memory! She doesn't even do that in the book! And then in the end, when Ethan remembered everything, I was like Ahhhhhh, yay! I thought that was awesome!
Emmy Rossum as Ridley did an amazing job. I really thought she did the best performance in the movie. I liked how her eyes would change color! But I thought that book Ridley was nicer than movie Ridley.

I wasn't expecting Larkin to be so awesome! In the book, he's evil, but I liked him better nice in the movie! It was funny how at dinner he didn't even care that the table was spinning, he just kept on eating. He was pretty cool.
Here's my favorite quote from the movie: :)

I watch a lot of movies, as you can see!

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