Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Starting School . . .

I started school on Monday :( But I'm a junior now so only 2 years left if you count this year! Yeah I have a LOT of hard classes, like advanced algebra, advanced biology, Spanish II, English 11, US History, and some others. Ugh, it was only the second day and I already want summer. Anyone else feeling like that?

Yeah, Junior year is like the hardest and busiest year I think. I mean, advanced classes, ACTs, getting ready for college applications, extracurriculars, Junior prom, fundraising for your class. SO MUCH STUFF. IT'S OVERWHELMING WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE TIRED BY THE END OF THE YEAR!!!!

I already have what I want to do planned. Go out of state to college for drama and writing. Yep, I can't stand my small town. I really wanna live in a big city.

It's been easy these past 2 days, but I know that this year will be hard.

When do you all start school?

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