Monday, April 29, 2013

Welcome! :)

Hi! Welcome to this blog! As you can see from the title, these posts are musings from a teenage girl! This blog is devoted to the happenings in the life of a teenager! (me, I hope that's obvious to you) As you can also tell, this blog isn't much right now, but it will be! I've had a blog before, but I hope I'll be able to stick with this and give you daily to weekly updates! This is also my first post, so I want to tell you what I'm going to do with this blog :)

Ok, this is how this blog is going to work:
  • I'm anonymous. I am not going to reveal my name, my school, where I live, or anything like that. Any personal names will probably be changed. Maybe one day I'll reveal who I am, but probably not.
  • I'll take suggestions about what I should talk about but don't be mean :) That sounds lame I know, but gotta keep this blog clean! And I know I will be complaining about people and teenager stuff, but that's to be expected with a blog about the thoughts of a teenage girl!
  • Most posts will be about my teenage life! (That should have been obvious!)
Some of this could change, but probably not, like I said though, I'm open to suggestions!
Enjoy the Musings of a Teenage Girl!

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